The current gender ratio in marketing and communication functions in Western Europe

Benelux, Germany, France, Italy, Spain

In the marketing functions

58% of marketing directors or managers in Western Europe are women and 54% in digital marketing. The statistics per country are relatively equitable. Only a 10% difference in gender distribution. Except in France for directors and managers with 65% women, it is the country where they are most present in Western Europe.

In the communication functions

67% of PR directors/managers in Western Europe are women and 66% for communication directors and managers. France remains the country where women are most represented, with 77% for PR directors/managers and 75% for directors and managers. In the other Western European countries, women are in the majority in communication functions, with an average of 65%.


In agencies, gender balance at CEO and MD level is low, with 74% of positions held by men.


Gender equity is lowest among advertisers. With 84% of CEO and MD positions held by men. In Switzerland, Italy and Germany, women will account for just 15% of these positions.

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